Monday, April 15, 2013

Picking up both ends of the stick

I read the news today

I read the news today. Gabriella has the right idea, but not the most accurate wording, in my opinion. How about "Being of mutually positive and constructive service to.."? I find it my pleasure to be of good service to those I am around; To be helpful, to make life's issues and situations a bit easier, whether small or large. If there is something I can do for family, friends or customers that makes their day a little brighter, then why not make it so? Especially if it does not "put me out", and even if it does to some degree, what of it? It does not make me any lesser of a human, matter of fact it gives me quite the opposite feel. I get reimbursed with the knowledge that I've a good deed for another. Brightens up two people's days. Starts an upward spiral.

So... How may I be of service to you today?